Date ····················· November-December 2023
Job Description ········· Art Director/ Print Specialist 

The Broke Man’s Guide (Athens, Ga) 

Case Study 

With a team of 8 designers, we were challenged with creating a resource guide to support financially challenged individuals in Athens, Georgia.

With my responsibilities including, research, developing a style guide, photo-selcetion, photo-editing, and layout desing for the print copy. 

Our mission is to empower  individuals, ensuring they can meet their basic needs and continue to enjoy the essential aspects of life, fostering a sense of community and well-being.

I collaborated with the print team to develop a monthly periodical aimed at educating and engaging our audience. This publication features our top money conscious picks of the month for shopping, entertainment, and food and is complemented by an app and social media campaign orchestrated by the digital team.

Style Guide:

Through extensive research, we developed a style guide aimed at embodying the desired mood and brand identity for our guide, as well as for the app and social media aspects of our new brand.

Our decisions were focused on maintaining a balance between a lively and enjoyable tone while ensuring sophistication in execution.

The selection of our color palette was informed by an exploration of the psychological impact of colors and their potential to evoke specific emotions in individuals.

The intention behind these choices is to create an experience that leaves the reader or user of our brand feeling tranquil, joyful, and understood.

My development of the grid system and layout:

            Map featured in book- designed by Tyler P:

App and Social Media Campain: 

Our social media presence aims to be an up-to-date resource with eye-catching graphics and a whimsical feel, serving as a timely reminder of ongoing deals while also promoting our book. The engaging visuals and playful tone are designed to capture attention and create a memorable experience for our audience.

The app was designed with a focus on highlighting the deals of the week and serve as a platform for our users and magazine followers to access a more current version in conjunction with the monthly print release. Notably, the app featured a built-in calendar, allowing users to easily navigate and view daily deals, enhancing the overall user experience.