Job Description ········· Contract Graphic Designer    

Company···················Nana Jacquiline (fashion brand)
Date ····················· June-December 2023

As a contract graphic designer at Nana Jacqueline, I worked alongside the creative director to design newsletters, sales assets, engaging Instagram graphics, web banners, and dynamic GIFs, to optimize cross-platform compatibility and enhance marketing materials.


Email assets are consistently dispatched to the  Nana Jaquiline email list, typically 3-4 times a week.

In my role, I closely collaborated with Gabi Nelson, the Digital Marketing & Ecommerce Director. Gabi provided me with the information theme and inspiration for the emails, and I would then assemble them with a quick turnaround, typically within about three days.


Web/Mobile Banners:

I was responsible for designing Digital Marketing & E-commerce web and mobile device banners for every launch or major sale, drawing inspiration from carefully curated mood boards and photo shoots.