Personal Logo

In my typographic journey, I aimed to craft my personal logo. Starting with introspection to grasp my essence and preferred styles, I ventured into design exploration. After trying different options, I settled on a design that harmonizes contrasting elements, blending whimsy with sophistication. This logo embodies my unique style, fusing timeless elegance with a modern twist. Integrating trendy fonts, it maintains its distinct identity, truly reflecting who I am.
Project Discription ········· Typographic Exploration 
Medium ······················ Adobe Indesign/Illustrator
Created ····················· 2021-2022

What is Typographic Exploration?

Typographic exploration is the process of experimenting with typefaces, layouts, and designs to find the most effective and visually appealing way to present text. The exploration includes trying different font styles, sizes, spacing, colors, and layouts to achieve readability, visual appeal, and a compelling message.

It Starts on Paper!

At the onset of determining my logo, I began by freehand sketching every concept that came to mind without focusing too heavily on what I was doing, just letting my mind flow onto the paper. I employed certain self-selected adjectives as a guiding principle for these sketches and approached each design with specific objectives in mind to thoroughly explore all potential options.