The One Club Project 

Sustainability-focused fashion brand

The One Club project addresses the environmental and social issues stemming from fast fashion by promoting mindful consumption. Focused on younger generations, particularly Gen Z, it aims to create a design solution encouraging the adoption of higher-quality, ethically sourced products.

Pt. 1  ---  Identifying the Challenge
My research focused on fashion's environmental impact and ways to drive positive change through consumer behavior. By exploring the link between fashion and sustainability, I aimed to find actionable strategies for reducing the industry's ecological footprint.

Pt. 2  ---  Design
How can design advocate for sustainability in the fashion industry by encourage American Gen-Z, Millennial’s to invest in more sustainable clothing initiatives?

I founded The One Club in response to the fashion industry's environmental impact. Our mission is to educate and empower consumers to make sustainable choices. The brand offers a Sweatsuit line and an online platform with educational resources. Through design advocacy and practical guides, we aim to inspire mindful shopping habits and foster meaningful conversations about sustainability.

Logo Design Iteration

Pt. 3  ---  Product Design
A. Sweatshirt
B. Educational Zine
C. Website

A.Hoodie Design

In designing the hoodie, the goal was to strike a balance: simple enough for everyday wear yet intriguing to prompt inquiries, spreading awareness about The One Club.

B.Educat-ional Zine

The goal was to offer customers more than just a hoodie, but a tangible item that's both informative and enjoyable. The accompanying zine aims to entertain and educate, presenting our mission in a playful tone.

C. Website

The success of The One Club hinges on its online platform, serving as both an ecommerce site and a resource hub for sustainable shopping education.