Rouge Magazine
Editorial Design

Below is my work for Rouge Magazine, the official fashion magazine at the University of Georgia, where I am a part of a team of creatives who all share my love and passion for fashion. Being a part of Rouge has allowed me to work collaboratively with writers, editors, models, and photographers to produce our magazine issue to the best of our abilities. Along with the collaboration of my colleagues, we work to maintain a consistent look and feel for the magazine while portraying the message the editors want to portray through our designs.

Project Description ········· Editorial Design  

Medium ······················ Adobe Indesign/Photoshop
Created ····················· 2022-2023

The Fall 2022 Issue was themed “An Era of Innocence,” which aimed to take the reader through memories of youthful curiosity, creativity, playfulness, flourishing introspection, and lively defiance, all while reinvigorating the classic fashions of our early years.

The Spring 2023 issue: “The principle concept of this issue, themed “Wearable Art,” explores the relationship between fashion and visual artwork.” -The Editor

The Fall 2023 Issue: TIME TELLS ALL
Straying from our more tangible nature and embracing the abstract, this issue challenges to reimagine the way we showcase our creativity and passions.