Project Discription ········· Ux/Ui Design,
                              Brand Development
Medium ······················ Adobe Indesign, Adobe Xd
Created ····················· 2022

The Townies website informs users of all the information they need to know about the music festival. Allowing them to purchase tickets, purchase merchandise, and learn about all that the city of Athens has to offer!

Townies Music Festival
Case Study

The Townies Music Festival is a case study I did in my explorations of Ux/Ui design, where I created a comprehensive branding and marketing strategy for a fictional event that I created.

Townies Music Festival aims to celebrate the rich musical heritage of Athens, Georgia, by highlighting the famous bands that originated from the city. The festival raises awareness for the local music scene and gives up-and-coming artists a platform to showcase their talents. The festival also promotes the Townies mobile app, which allows music lovers to connect with local bands and stay informed about upcoming performances. The app will also feature a directory of local bands and a calendar of upcoming shows, allowing users to book and communicate with bands directly through the app.  Below are my explorations in poster design, website design, and mobile app design for the festival.


While finalizing my Ux/Ui designs, I conducted user testing to gather feedback and make any necessary updates to the design. Once I was satisfied with the design, I worked  to build out the app and website, making sure it met the brand's guidelines and was user-friendly. During this phase, I also created a content strategy to ensure all messaging was consistent and aligned with the brand's identity.